ESRI, tool-data partner of VirtuelCity

ESRI was the first software company in 1969 to take into account the geographic dimension to visualize, analyze, understand and decide in all fields. Since that period, ESRI and all its representatives in the world have been working on promoting, developing and optimizing the use of geographic information system (GIS)in order to improve choices we all make everyday.

ESRI World is today one of the first world providers of GIS and offers to its clients with a full package integrating the 3D technology and enabling the management of 3D maps, its maintenance, its distribution through server solutions and its geospatial analysis.


VirtuelCity is Official Partner of ESRI France, World Business Partner, and ESRI Developer (EDN).

Technical presentations planned at ESRI Forum; ESRI Breakfasts.

Achievements of the ESRI - VIRTUELCITY Partnership

3D database of the Plaine Commune (France), 3D database of Grand Dijon (France), 3D database of Fujairah Emirate (UAE), 3D database of Boulogne Sur Mer (France) ....


And more

work in 3D in your GIS

RCP Manager: manage and share your 3D GIS data on the web

And more


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