Autodesk, tool-data partnership of Virtuel City

Autodesk is today a fully diversified company providing specific solutions for the creation, management and exchange of digital data. The Autodesk community accounts more than six million users and gathers four global strategic partners - Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett-Packard and IBM - as well as 2,500 developers. We are liked by a common will, the one who created Autodesk: the constant research of innovation enabling our clients to achieve their ideas with success. This success is highlighted through the accomplishments of our loyal customers.

Focussing on the future, Autodesk continues to develop strategic skills in order to contribute to the sustainability and success of its clients projects.
We are dedicated to constantly enhance the integration of best current technologies - such as advanced modelling, digital collaboration and efficient data management systems - in our daily business.

Today, the LandExplorer solution software offers the operation of 3D maps in the Autodesk world.


VirtuelCity has developed a partnership with Autodesk around the LandExplorer product and the format CityGML. VirtuelCity has developed exports towards the CityGML standards integrable into the Autodesk products



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work in 3D in your GIS

RCP Manager: manage and share your 3D GIS data on the web

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