ECOMM Co – Geo Information Technology from market leaders.


Joint Stock Company "ECOMM Co" was founded in 1993 and successfully operates in the field of Ukrainian information technology and promote modern industrial-level software tools in the Ukrainian market for creating complex automated geographic information systems (GIS).

The main focus of the company is to promote modern technology in Ukraine, a geographic information systems (GIS) software with the world market leader (35%) - the company ESRI Inc. In fact - the realization of successful systems development projects in the form of complex hardware and software systems is the best way of promotion. The company had projects of automation of municipal property, land, allotment of land, management utilities, creation of GIS databases and so.


Specialists perform technical support, training users, informing them of the availability of new versions of software. Company employees have been certified ESRI, Leica Geosystems and Eurimage. Traditionally, in the company is providing users with technical literature, information materials, as well as holding regular technical seminars and conferences. Every year in late May, the company holds an international conference of users of ESRI software in Yalta.