Commitment for sustainable development

The VirtuelCity is now a team of C++ developpers and 3D production fully dedicated to 3D high definition modeling and its integration systems.

Core company business evolves around the improvement of our territory knowledge by the 3D modeling and thereby feeding a set of technical simulations techniques in order to improve the living environment and sustainable planning.

With its environmental-friendly approach, VirtuelCity has achieved its carbon assessment in order to measure its CO2 emissions generated primarily by computers and business travels.

VirtuelCity has decided to participate in planting trees with the small cocoa farmers of the cooperative ACOPAGRO in the Peruvian Amazon:

  • Expansion of VirtuelCity Forest in the region of Alto Huayabamba (to see)
  • Support of the agro-forestry project of the small cocoa farmers of the cooperative
  • Creation of carbon sinks to offset the effects of deforestation
  • Improvement of the performance of areas cultivated by small cocoa farmers, in organic farming and fair- trade agriculture, suppliers Altereco
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Soil conservation, stop of the desertification of the area, and better protection against landslides, mudslides and floods


VirtuelCity sponsors for 3D numeric creativity with the ADAN association, you can see some 3D animations using the folllowing links:

Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 3


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3D Consulting and technological developement

Let's build together your project in order to get 3D in your buisiness !

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