3D mapping, mastered production to different uses

Supplier of 3D urban databases: Production of large urban environment in realistic 3D

VirtuelCity has developed a significant knowledge on 3D modelling of large urban environments. We can handle the entire production chain of your 3D mapping from aerial and street views to the production of the terrain and the buildings in 3D and its delivery in the software of your choice.

Thanks to the engineering, geomatics and computer-graphics skills, Virtuelcity collects the existing data and use them at the maximum to create a 3D map with the information you have at your disposal.
Our production capacities allow us to produce services all around the world and regardless of the potential constraints.

Architect of 3D solutions: integration of 3D maps in business software and implementation of management and maintenance solutions of these maps.
VirtuelCity has developed significant partnerships with software providers specialized in additional uses of 3D mapping.

Our strong understanding of these tools ensures a complete integration of the data we produced in these tools as well as the convertion of your existing data.
Our experience in designing and implementing 3D maps has also enabled us to develop significant skills in implementing management and exchange systems of GIS data and 3D GIS. These systems fit with the size of 3D maps from few km² to several thousands km², and also to the specific needs and technical constraints of each client.


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Production of 3D models of cities

Experiment the city in 3D !

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