Model the city in 3D for GIS, urban planning and communication: VCity 3D

Virtuelcity produce 3D maps of your territory using geographical data from aerial or terrestrial acquisition. Our 3D algorithms allow us to produce large area in short time from a building block to a region. The quality of the model can be adapted to the destination software. We are able to model 3D buildings in low or very high definition even interiors. Our 3D models represents the reality even the texture of the house front. You have you city in 3D in your computer and GIS. You can fly like a bird inside your territory and have a simulation of the incoming urban project.


Clic here to see an example in 3D (need Firefox or Google Chrome browser)



Your 3D virtual city can be exported into a large variety of software like GIS, urban planners tools, communication, 3D web publishing. For example, you can simulate a transportation project and present it to public relation.

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