the main cities in 3D

Thanks to the expertises from both the IGN and VirtuelCity, Carto3D® is a fine, realistic and exhaustive  modelling of urban areas in 3D.

IGN and VirtuelCity joined their expertises to offer realistic and complete cities made of:

  • A 3D modelling of the buildings (BATI-3D®)
  • A high-definition imagery acquisition of the building facades (OrthoFacades®)
  • A detailed modelling of the landmarks of the area (BatiDetaille®)
  • The whole 3D urban components of the urban area: infrastructure, street furniture, vegetation, etc. (Objets3D®).

Paris, Nantes, Marseille maps are already available.  More information:


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3D realistic mapping

VirtuelCity produces 3D realistic mapping in order to feed many applications of 3D GIS, town planning and communication

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