3D models of buildings in high definition: VBatiDetaille
your buildings and architect project in 3D


VirtuelCity produce 3D models of buildings and architect projects in very accurate quality and short delay. VirtuelCity has developed a production process and technologies from the last three years which allow us to generate 3D models of building in high definition in a short time. The data acquisition can be done from our technical truck the “SnapCar” which take information of the building directly from street or it can come from urban or architect’s projects plans.

3D HD buildings enable to highlight high level of details of these buildings (mosques, churches, castles, fountains, etc.) and to provide strong visual markers of the territory, especially for 3D modelling, e-tourism or GPS.

The 3D models can be adapted to a large variety of software like GIS 3D, urban planners and architects tools, 3D web publishing and they can be exported in different formats like 3ds, kmz, CityGML, 3D Multipatch, xml, x, fbx ...

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