RCP Geoprocess

You can use RCP Transformer as a geoprocess using the VirtuelCity RCP Geoprocess toolbox.

  • 3D Geopositionning => easily define the geoposition of a 3D model

  • RCP 3D Import => Quick import of 3D model into multipatch (i.e. from Revit, 3DS max, sketchup…)

  • RCP 3D Export => Quick export of GIS data as 3D model (KMZ, 3DS, FBX, CityGML, Shapefile, Collada DAE...)

  • Preview 3D => quick 3D view of your GIS selection (don't need 3D analyst)


3D geopositionning

With the GeoProcess “3D geopositionning”, you can easily position a 3D file using your ortho photo and your DTM. It is a very powerful ArcToolbox because most of the 3D tools doesn’t manage the geographic coordinates.

  • Select your 3D file, your ortho photo and the DTM

  • Launch the geoprocess and pace your model directly in a 3D preview

  • Save your position !

Exemple : you can easily place a 3D file coming from Revit

Demonstration movie here


RCP 3D quick import to multipatch

You can quickly import 3D files with textures as Multipatch. The 3D files are cleaned and optimized before importing. You can convert 3DS, FBX, DAE and citygml files as multipatch. You can also define if you want one Multipatch feature per 3D file or one feature per each part of the 3D file. Like this you can separate your 3D file in elements (wood, concrete, floor, roof) if the 3D model has this information.


RCP 3D quick export from multipatch

The GeoProcess « 3D quick export » allows users to export their multipatch and 2D polygons and lines as 3D files (collada, DAE, 3DS, FBX, KMZ, CityGML…). The user can also use a point layer connected to a 3D model to generate a 3D file. For example, you can generate Points of interest or 3d models of trees and urban furniture.

For polygons and lines, user just need to add an attributes called “R_Extrude » to define the high of the extrusion. The 3D file formats are the following: 3DS file format (a 3D standard format) Collada DAE Format a specific collada fully adapt to Sketchup FBX Format: the new universal 3D format in the autodesk world Geodatabase Multipatch : the ARCGIS native format KMZ : the perfect format to publish 3D models in Google Earth


RCP 3D QuickViewer

The geoprocess « 3D quick viewer » allows you to quickly open a 3D view of your GIS Data. The RCP Quickviewer can show in 3D the multipatch, lines and polygons data. You just have to select the data you want to see in 3D and when you launch the 3D QuickViewer geoprocess, it opens a new window with a 3D view of your GIS data.


Multipatch to citygml

With this geoprocess you can generate citygml files using multipatch data. The RCP combines your data to generate a citygml file per building and organize the data per structure element: roof, wall, building part… You can easily generate citygml of buildings using this geoprocess. All citygml structures are not managed


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Download the 30 days RCP 3D Transformer trial

With RCP, you can convert, optimize and transform your clients' and partners' 3D filesFor example, convert Autodesk Revit, FBX, 3DS or CityGML files to import them into your GIS or on Google Earth.

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