3D city models: RCP Factory

Generate your city in 3D from aerial views

RCP Factory is a technology develops by VirtuelCity to generate 3D models of your city from aerial views: buildings shapes as it is in the reality with real textures.

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 Generate 3D city



All you need to start is aerial views with the flights and camera specifications. Using that data and the RCP factory technology, VirtuelCity is able to generate the exact shape of the buildings and to add textures on the models. RCP Factory generates an exact 3D textured model of your city. It is not a procedural generation but the reality in 3D. The quality of the 3D models depend on the quality of the aerials views.


With the 3D models of your city, you will be able to fly in 3D like a bird on your city. Say goodbye to 2D and complex technical maps for the new easy to understand 3D representation of your territory. The 3D models can be export to GIS software such as ArcGIS ESRI and also for high definition communication tools (Desktop / web 3D applications, Ipad, multitouch screen for public presentations…)

See some sample of 3D city models in Google Earth:


Each building is a separate element that you can show/hide or modify as you wish. You can update the 3D model and have a look of your city in 3D with the incoming projects…

RCP Factory works in two steps: first, generate the real 3D shape of the buildings and then texture the 3d models with the real picture of the façade.

The RCP Factory has been developing taking care of high level objectives:

3D models quality

  • Smart 3D generator for generating 3D models has light as possible keeping the real shape of the model
  • Smart algorithm for faster production
  • Large 3D formats enable such as CityGML that is the best 3D format for keeping all information in the model
  • Terrain management to generate Terrain in 3D from raster data and adapt 3D models to the real terrain surface

 Texture quality

  • Smart algorithm to reduce the weight of the pictures and optimize the real time 3D rendering
  • Smart algorithm to choose best texture inside the aerial views taking care of the following parameters : maximum resolution, minimum texture file’s weight, best neighborhoods rendering and others
  • Texture atlas generation to optimize the 3D real time rendering and GIS management


3D stereo plotting software

If you have 3D stereo plotting knowledge or suppliers you can use RCP 3D Factory to produce cities in 3D. With RCP 3D factory use stereo plotting tools to generate 3D models with textures. 

RCP factory is open to a large variety of stereo ploting tools such as:

•LPS + Pro600 (Leica) for Microstation (Bentley)
•Microstation (Bentley) +Intergraph SSK or Datem Summit
•Summit Feature Collection (AutoCad / ArcGIS plugin)
•SocetSet (BAE Systems)
•Geosystems ERDAS plugin for ArcGis


With RCP Factory, VirtuelCity has developed a technology that give and 3D representation of the reality. The 3D representation is easy to use and easy to understand for everybody: GIS users but also for communication teams, urban planners, security offices, public relationships.

All the data generated with RCP Factory can be exported to standard and advanced 3D file format such as CityGML, FBX, Collada, multipatch ARCGIS, shapefiles, Google earth KMZ. And the data has a specific structure to help users to work with it. (delete a building, add a project, launch 3d analysis…)

The data generated with RCP Factory are fully compatible with the RCP solution such as RCP Manager for 3D management in ArcGIS and VStory generator for 3D high definition web and desktop application


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