The VirtuelCity offer

VirtuelCity puts at disposal of its clients and partners the technologies and following services:


    Applications to manage 3D : RCP suite software

  2. Developer consultants, 3D and GIS experts

  3. Production services of 3D mapping of the territory




Applications to manage 3D : RCP suite software

Discover the suite RCP enabling the users to work with professional tools on 3D data generally and more specifically on the 3D representation of the territory.


RCP 3D Transformer : Batch, structure and convert your 3D files

Powerful tool of 3D batch processing and conversion of 3D files (textures management, 3D structure optimization, geographic coordinates, Collada, Multipatch, Shapefile, 3DS, FBX, CityGML, ESRI ArcGIS geodatabase, Revit, KMZ, GDB, X…).

RCP 3D Transformer includes also a viewer of 3D files and ArcGIS geoprocess extension.

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o   RCP Transformer Geoprocess extension

You can use RCP Transformer as a Geoprocess directly in ARCGIS. There are many geoprocess such as 3D quick import, 3D quick export, Geoposition 3D file et Preview 3D

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RCP Manager : The tool you need to work with 3D city models

ArcGIS extension enabling to manage and work with 3D textured map in high definition in ESRI ArcGIS. RCP Manager is the solution for owner of 3D model of cities.

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o   VStory 3D viewer : export in 3D high definition your GIS or architect's data!


ArcGIS extension enabling to export 2D & 3D GIS data into 3D high definition visualization in real time in application version. 
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o   VStory Server generate your own 3D maquette for PC, Mac, Androïd and Ipad

With VStory Server, the advanced users can generate their own 3D Maquettes.  We laso have a team of architects, designers and engeneer ready to generate the 3D maquette for you with your 2D and 3D data.

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Developer consultants, 3D ans GIS experts

In the framework of consulting or lump-sum services, our expert teams of development can develop for you specific 3D functionalities among a large domain of functionalities: to add 3D real time viewing, or on the web, to add conversion from 2D to 3D or to import/export 3D formats.


Our fields of competencies are :

  • 3D mapping in high definition,

  • The GIS world and the territory representation in 3D  (Esri ArcGIS, 3D analyst, Autodesk, ShapeFile, Multipatch, Revit, CityGML, geodatabase, BIM)

  • Visualization in 3D real time in high definition (multi-support: web, applications, touch-screen, iPhone, iPad…),

    A CityGML expertise 

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Production of photorealistic 3D territories

We produce as well 3D data of territory representation on surfaces from some hectares to thousands of square kilometers with levels of quality adapted to your need (simple or complex representation and detailed).

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work in 3D in your GIS

RCP Manager: manage and share your 3D GIS data on the web

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