RCP Manager: the ArcGis extension to manage 3D maps

The RCP Manager is an extension on ARCGIS to deal with 3D map in high definition in your GIS. It includes:

The management of the 3D database

RCP Manager organizes your 3D data in the GIS. Like for the 2D data, the GIS becomes a standard place to store 3D data. All the 3D data of the governmental agency or the private company are gathered in one single and organized space. The GIS centralizes the 2D and 3D information of the city thanks to the import and export capacities of RCP Manager.

Administration and maintenance of 3D data in the GIS

RCP imports a large panel of 3D data and formats and organizes them in the GIS. You will thus feed without difficulties your GIS in 3D data. RCP can standardize 3D heterogeneous data and make them interoperable and geopositioned. For example you can import a fbx revit file in your Arcgis Gedodatabase as multipatch and launch 3d analyses and urban simulations.


demonstration movie

youtube demo


Convert the 3D files from other applications into ARCGIS multipatch, for example import 3D revit files into multipatch arcgis, or sketchup 3D, or 3DS MAx or Maya or achicad...

with RCP 3D Manager, you can work with 3D files of your partners directly in your GIS solution ESRI ArcGIS.

see the movie: convert 3D revit files into multipatch arcgis with RCP 3D Manager

Distribution of 3D data

RCP optimizes and exports 3D data in order to use them in all tools and business applications. Therefore, it is not essential to have numerous formats to meet the requests of internal stakeholders or partners. The data are exported according the needs in the most adapted format according the needs (technical analysis, communication, urban planning, and architecture). The available formats are the following: 3DS, Sketchup Collada (DAE), 3DS Max and Maya (FBX), Google Earth (KMZ), CityGML, 3D textured Multipatch, .X

Publication of 3D in high definition web & desktop

The VStory extensions for RCP enable as well to display your 3D GIS data in the high definition engine VStory (Web ou Desktop). RCP can convert the 3D data of the GIS for the high definition engine VStory which enables to publish on the web or standalone application 3D virtual cities and projects. Data coming from the GIS can thus feed applications dedicated to the communication of an urban project.

HD 3D web viewer demonstration

Demonstration movie

With RCP Manager, your GIS can easily be enriched with 3D data and thus plays a major role: to store and share all information related to the representation of the territory including the 3D ones.

RCP Manage is an extension compatible with the geographic information suite ArcGIS 9 and 10. This software of management and distribution of the 3D data can be launched directly from the interface ArcMap. RCP Manager adds icons and functionalities to the ArcMap application among which, especially: a powerful 3D data import tool, tools of management and visualization of 3D data and export functionalities.


RCP export Extension for Vstory web and desktop High definition viewer

Demonstration movie

RCP fits with three profiles of users:

  • GIS users wanting to consult and operate 3D information

  • People wishing to organize the 3D data of their project, city or larger territory

  • Integrators wishing to offer a solution to process cities in 3D

RCP Manager adds a button “3D” enabling to display the 3D view of the active selection of your GIS. Thus you can very easily visualize and control in 3D. You visualize directly the data of your GIS that you can then export in third-party software.



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