3D Consulting

The third-dimension is more and more used and you are interested in the added-value of these technologies; you are looking for making it beneficial for your applications and services. Build together your project to integrate 3D in your businesses!

Teams of developers experts in 3D dedicated to your needs

In the framework of consulting or lump-sum services, our expert teams of development can develop for you specific 3D functionalities among a large domain of functionalities: to add 3D real time viewing, or on the web, to add conversion from 2D to 3D or to import/export 3D formats.

Our fields of competencies are :

  • 3D mapping in high definition :

    you have 3D data or 3D management tool and you want to develop services for your clients? We can support you by developing for you the tomorrow technologies.
  • The GIS world and the territory representation in 3D

    (Esri ArcGIS, 3D analyst, Autodesk, ShapeFile, Multipatch, Revit, CityGML, geodatabase, BIM). Our teams are in daily relationship with the development team of the leader software providers and the founders of international standards (CityGML, technologies of IGN “French National Geographic Institute”). We are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each format and each tool and we can help you to work in 3D within the GIS world. We produce 3D maps of the territory and we have developed around these data a world-wide well-known expertise.
  • Visualization in 3D real time in high definition

    3D visualization in the applications, on the web, on Google Earth, on iPhone/iPad, public presentation and communication tools. Our developers know to implement specific technologies for your uses and your projects: territory representation, project simulation, economic development, public transportation, architecture competition, street representation…


Visualize in 3D (directly in your application, on the web in high definition or on Google Earth…),

3D technologies mergeable in your applications :

You develop applications and you want to integrate 3D technologies for your clients? We have software components and development experts who will make you save time and efficiency:

  • Import /export in 3D multi-formats (KMZ, FBX, X, Revit, Geodatabase, GIS, Multipatch, Shapefile, ArcGIS, 3DS, CityGML, Terra Explorer…), enabling you to read and export your 2D and 3D data in numerous applications (ESRI ArcGIS, Google Earth, Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Autodesk Revit, LandSim, LandXplorer, Skyline TerraExplorer, SpaceEyes, …),

  • Optimize and structure 3D data to simplify the processing (separations of roofs and facades, automatic cut by material, automatic generation of textures atlas, reduction of data for a web display…)

  • Conversion tools specialized in the processing of 2D and 3D GIS data. Switch your GIS from 2D to 3D!

  • Work with CityGML in import or export, model directly your CityGML models with 3DS Max…

Contact us for more informations : contact_rd@virtuelcity.com

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Download the 30 days RCP 3D Transformer trial

With RCP, you can convert, optimize and transform your clients' and partners' 3D filesFor example, convert Autodesk Revit, FBX, 3DS or CityGML files to import them into your GIS or on Google Earth.

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