RCP®, exchanges 3D data

RCP® software enables to share 3D data in the appropriate and prefered format according to user needs for different purposes and its SIG use. Indeed, it allows to:

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Centralizes and structures 3D data in ESRI ArcGIS

Thanks to software RCP®, 3D databases can be smartly integrated in the GIS software (ArcMap). They can be uses like traditional 2D data  and centralize the entire existing data in a single/common geographic system of reference.

3D base maintenance

New constructions, projects supplied by architects in 3D ... the 3D data can be diverse. The RCP® facilitates importation of your partners 3D models or produced internally, and enables archiving and dating .

It's now on possible to independently manage and maintain your 3D data without asking your provider.

Exports data for business uses

3D data become a reference value; they can feed projects of all partners. The RCP® adapts this data for:

  • Communication: real time engine , Google Earth, 3D animations, movies, images...
  • Technical and scientific analysis: 3D data are converted in data formats commonly used for technical calculations.
  • Town planning and architecture
  • 3D physical models
  • Examples of export  formats : 3DS, FBX, CityGML, KMZ, DAE, GeoDatabase / Shapefile...


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A perfect interoperability of 3D data

VirtuelCity has tied numerous partnerships with business software providers in order to ensure to its clients the perfect interoperability of the cartographies produced by VirtuelCity.

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